Your Collection

November 6, 2006 11:58am

This week's collection comes from Jon McLean of Lake Grove, OR:

"Here's my un-restored 1977 KTM MC-5 400. The original owner said he bought it new, had a reed valve and some porting done, raced it a couple of times at Saddleback in the day and it scared the daylights out of him! So he trail rode it in the desert some, then drained the fluids and parked it in the family garage under a tarp for 24 years. When his father passed away, the house was to be sold and he had a couple weeks to get it moved out. I found it in Cycle Trader, dusty, dried on mud and grease, but all there. Still had the '77 Calif. Off-Highway "transportation" registration sticker (the old-school white ones), which I left on the lower right fork, as the pics show.
     I added some polish and shine, touched up paint scratches on the swingarm and frame rails, put on new tires, a new chain, put in some oil, added fresh pre-mix and it fired up on the third kick. I've been racing it for two years in Vintage MX events. I recently took off the pipe and popped the head and sure enough it still had the original piston and rings."

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