Amp’d Mobile Supercross Series Secures Largest TV Package Ever

October 30, 2006 9:46am

AURORA, Ill. (October 30, 2006) – Amp’d Mobile World Supercross GP/Amp’d Mobile AMA Supercross Series announced today the largest television package in the sport’s history, including 34 hours of original programming on CBS Sports and SPEED, a season preview show, a season recap show and two live broadcasts.

Prior to the opening round of the domestic series at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, Calif., CBS Sports will broadcast a season preview program that will air on December 30, featuring highlights from the first two races of the Amp’d Mobile World Supercross GP in Canada and an in-depth look at the 2006-’07 championship race. On Saturday, January 6, SPEED will air Anaheim 1 live for the first time in history. The Amp’d Mobile Supercross finals from Las Vegas’ Sam Boyd Stadium Saturday, May 5, will be broadcast live as well.

In addition to the live events, the remaining races will receive next-day coverage on CBS Sports and SPEED. The day after the season finale in Las Vegas, CBS Sports will close out the year with a one-hour season wrap-up program.

“This is not only a big announcement for us, but it raises the bar for everyone involved in the sport,” said Ken Hudgens, vice president of television and marketing, Live Nation Motor Sports. “The combination of broadcasts on CBS Sports and SPEED, gives Amp’d Mobile Supercross great exposure to new viewers as well as the long-time fans. With the incredible hype centered around Anaheim 1, this year’s live broadcast will bring the event to more viewers than ever before.”

2006-’07 Amp’d Mobile World Supercross GP/Amp’d Mobile AMA Supercross Series Television Schedule

*Times will be announced shortly

Air Date                        Class                            Race                             Network

12/30/06                        SX/Lites                        Season Preview CBS

12/3/06                         SX                                Toronto                         SPEED

12/10/06                        SX                                Vancouver                     SPEED

1/6/07                           SX                                Anaheim 1                     SPEED (LIVE)

1/7/07                           SX                                Anaheim 1                     SPEED

1/13/07                         Lites                             Anaheim 1                     SPEED

1/14/07                         SX                                Phoenix                        CBS

1/20/07                         Lites                             Phoenix                        SPEED

1/21/07                         SX                                Anaheim 2                     CBS

1/27/06                         Lites                             Anaheim 2                     SPEED

1/28/06                         SX                                San Francisco               CBS

2/3/07                           Lites                             San Francisco               SPEED

2/4/07                           SX                                Anaheim 3                     SPEED

2/10/07                         Lites                             Anaheim 3                     SPEED

2/11/06                         SX                                Houston                        CBS

2/17/06                         Lites                             Houston                        SPEED

2/18/06                         SX                                San Diego                     SPEED

2/24/07                         Lites                             San Diego                     SPEED

2/25/07                         SX                                Atlanta                          SPEED

3/3/07                           Lites                             Atlanta                          SPEED

3/4/07                           SX                                St. Louis                       SPEED

3/10/07                         Lites                             St. Louis                       SPEED

3/18/07                         SX                                Orlando                         SPEED

3/24/07                         Lites                             Orlando                         SPEED

3/25/07                         SX                                Indianapolis                   CBS

3/31/07                         Lites                             Indianapolis                   SPEED

4/1/06                           SX                                Dallas                           SPEED

4/7/07                           Lites                             Dallas                           SPEED

4/22/07                         SX                                Detroit                           CBS

4/28/07                         Lites                             Detroit                           SPEED

4/29/07                         SX                                Seattle                          CBS

5/5/07                           Lites                             Seattle                          SPEED

5/5/07                           SX                                Las Vegas                     SPEED (Live)

5/12/07                         Lites                             Las Vegas                     SPEED

5/6/07                           SX/Lites                        Season recap                CBS