Number Cruncher Redux: #93

October 27, 2006 9:12am | by:

Hello, guys, welcome to the Redux. We received a message back from the Icon himself on this number. Being that he gave it a second look, we decided to do the same and dive back into number 93 in his honor.



I was just reading the Number Cruncher, and it's not a big deal, but did you know I was also #93? I ran my dad's first pro number (#333) during my first year pro and I didn't really like it, but I figured a 3-digit number looks wrong anyway, so I ran it. The next year though, I actually earned his #93, signed with Team Green Fox and won the Trans-USA support class. We both won some odd titles with that number. My dad won a 250cc national at Talladega! People today would be like, “Talladega? Bailey used to race cars? And what's a Trans-USA support class?”


David Bailey


Broc Tickle

photo: Simon Cudby

Above is North Carolina's Broc Tickle taking the 93 to two top-five finishes in the B classes at Loretta Lynn's in 2005. Broc returned to the ranch last summer and turned some heads again with his hard charging style in the A classes. Broc comes into the 2007 season under the radar and is a dark horse contender to do some damage in the Eastern Regional Supercross series.



Gaylon Dickson

photo: Bill Harmon

This is district five's Gaylon Dickson wearing number 93 at the 2005 Florida Mini Olympics in 2005. Gaylon would carry the number to Loretta Lynn's where he would earn 8th place in the +35 class.

Here are some other number 93 cats, to soothe your old-school palate.


1998 - David Kratz

1996 - Rick Ryan

1993 - Robbie Engstrom

1992 - Jason Langford

1990 - Sean Dukes

1989 - William Dill

1988 - Craig Canoy

1986 - Stacey cook

1984 - Tom Carson

1983 - Alan Pizzino

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