Monster Energy’s Wild Mexican FMX Contest Weekend Deemed “Huge Success"

October 27, 2006 6:45am

Monster Energy’s Adam Jones and Mike Metzger’s team of  Wiley 
Fulmer & Jeremy Lusk represent well at the Monster-backed event

CARLSBAD, Calif., (Oct. 26, 2006) – A Monster Energy-backed 
freestyle motocross event in the small Baja town of Mexicali this 
past summer got the locals hooked on freestyle and, with a reported 
4,000-percent growth in the sales of Monster Energy drinks between 
May and October, hooked on Monster as well.

So Monster Energy returned to Mexicali this weekend, turned loose its
top three FMX stars – Adams Jones, Wiley Fulmer and Jeremy Lusk -
and gave the sold out Plaza De Toros Califia exactly what the 11,000-
plus fans yearned for, a rip-roarin’ freestyle motocross show and TONS of Monster Energy product and swag.

“The event was so popular that we had 1,500 calls on Saturday 
morning asking when Monster was coming back again,” said event 
promoter Omar Salman. “I told them ‘Come on up to TJ tonight!’”

And they did – by the car full. On Saturday night at Tijuana’s 
Ahora En El Toredo De Tijuana nearly 10,000 fans packed the small 
bull fighting venue for another Monster Energy-fueled night of FMX 

“Dude, that was wild,” said Monster Energy’s Adam Jones of the 
Mexican freestyle weekend. “Those people down there just dug our 
show, drank up all the product Monster could ship down there and had about good a time as any fans I’ve ever seen.”

Jones continued: “The fans definitely had all of the riders charged 
up. I know I was for sure. The bull rings we rode in were pretty 
tight, so I debated at first on the back flip Cordova or the back 
flip Superman seat grab. I wound up pulling both in Mexicali and 
actually ended up in the crowd on the back flip Superman seat grab!”

For the record, Jones swept the two events (1-1) with Fulmer and Lusk going 2-3/3-2, respectively in Mexicali and Tijuana.

Next up for Jones is a trip to Hamburg, Germany, for a freestyle 
event over there next week. Lusk and Fulmer return to Mike Metzger’s
top secret FMX training compound to work on some more stuff.

For more information on this past weekend’s X Pilots Freestyle 
Motocross International events, link up to their website at: http://