Virtual Trainer: Ronnie Faisst

October 26, 2006 8:36am

Ronnie and Charles Dao during the VO2 Max test

photo: Tim Crytser

Last week, I was sent on a mission to the center of the motocross Universe, Temecula, CA. While there, the goal was to meet as many riders and trainers as possible and learn all I could about how they train for MX. My main base of operations for the week was Evolution Fitness, the premier training facility in the Country for MX.  While there, I was going to get to train with head trainer Charles Dao, get V02 max tested, and meet riders like Buddy Antunez, Troy Adams, and Andrew McFarlane. One person who I didn’t expect to meet was Ronnie Faisst, one of the originators of freestyle MX. Ronnie trains at the gym and was there to get his own V02 test. One of the nicest guys you will ever meet, Ronnie agreed to let me observe his test and afterwards sat down with me and talked about his training, the gym, and the state of freestyle MX. You can read the full interview at