Husqvarna SM610 debuts on CW's "Smallville"

October 20, 2006 7:33am

The SM 610
Add “green” to the Husqvarna color scheme--this fall, the Husqvarna SM610 will make its debut as the ride for the Green Arrow, the newest hero to arrive in the CW’s television town of Smallville, which details the early years of Clark Kent, alias Superman.

Based on the DC Comics character of the same name, the Green Arrow will join the young Clark Kent in forming a league of superheroes. In the spirit of Robin Hood, the Green Arrow steals ill-gotten gains from the rich and gives to the poor, armed with crossbows astride a tricked-out Husqvarna SM610.

The show’s producers specifically requested Husqvarna for the character, who does “some pretty incredible tricks,” says Justin Hartley, the actor behind the Green Arrow.

The Husqvarna SM610’s power and handling make these moves possible for stunt rider Jonathan Kralt.

The Husqvarna SM610 used on the show has been appropriately styled to match the character, with green detailing, anodized green wheel rims, and exotic fairing around the headlamp and tail.

In all other respects, the bike is straight from the crate, riding from the Husqvarna factory in Varese, Italy and into Hollywood to save the day.

See the Husqvarna SM610 in action on Smallville, Thursdays, 8 pm Eastern/7 pm Central on The CW.

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