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October 18, 2006 2:05pm | by:

There are many things that represent Fall here in the Southeast like the changing of the leaves, or the cool crisp wind that blows them into your gutter to clog it like an air filter after a desert race. It’s not the beginning of football that signals the season’s change for me, but rather the abrupt transition into supercross. With the exhibition races behind us and endless board banter and bench-racing yet to come, it’s time again for Supercross. I just wish we had a cool tune like the old Monday Night Football opener to play before the races or a semi-sober Hank Williams Jr. to ask the rhetorical question...Are you ready for some supercross? Why, yes I am Hank, and thanks for asking.

Ryan Villopoto has had the storybook rookie year in his first full season but I doubt he is sitting around patting him himself on the back. I’m sure he is executing the same work ethic that has garnered him a spot among our sport’s elite. We look forward to having Ryan on to wrap up this season as he looks for two titles in 2007.

Nick Wey suffered a shoulder injury while competing in the JeremyCross race last week. He just received the latest from his doctors and will break down the injury and recovery time tonight. He was bummed out on his way home from the doctor’s office, but was further traumatized when he saw DV12 running in spandex britches on the side of the road. Who said the Cobra does not train?

Ryan Hughes has been training Josh Grant and the results speak for themselves. Ryno has always been one of our favorite guests and never disappoints. It’s hard to arrange an interview with him on the same night as the TV show Lost is on, but it's cool now since he just bought a TiVo. Buckle up for this one.

Scott Kandel started out a few years ago with just a dream, but after several severe and embarrassing ass-whippins he gave up his dream of being a champion cage-fighter. He then put his time and resources into Wonder Wathog Racing which is now the standard for privateers in our industry. WWR has continued to step up year after year in support of the often forgotten heros that try and make a living in this sport on their own. This year they have outdone themselves with a forward-thinking intern program and support structure for several riders unlike anything we have seen before. Scott will announce the winners of the intern rides tonight along side SX philanthropist Dana Kellstrom, and SoCal's Darrel Saldana. There was so much deserving talent that they have decided to hand out some additional full-rides so tune in and see if your favorite rider made it. Check out for ways you can help. Power to the Privateer!

I’m sure you have read the press release that Girlyz Clothing Co. and Sick racing have joined forces instead of competing against each other to become a powerhouse in women’s MX clothing. We will have Shasta Johnson and Jeannie King on tonight to discuss this merger further and tell us what is next for the new company. Also, Girlyz rider Kaide Garrett will join us after her impressive ride at the WMA US Open race. To wrap things up, we will welcome on WMA bigwig Miki Keller for the details on their series and the WMA race coming up at the Cycle Ranch in Texas. These girls are helping to elevate women’s racing and they have all of our support.

Be sure and check out the Jeremy McGrath Invitational Race this Sunday on NBC. Check your local listings.

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