Mike Brown goes down hard at Muddy Creek

October 16, 2006 9:20am | by:

A Racer X Online reader checked in this morning to point out a photo of Mike Brown's big crash yesterday at Sam Gammon's Muddy Creek Raceway in Tennessee, where the Grand Prix-bound local hero apparently suffered a seizure on the face of a single to tabletop jump and hit the ground hard.

According to the Johnson City Press: "Jim Neese won the 250 Pro main event Sunday at Muddy Creek Raceway’s 19th annual Suzuki Top Gun Showdown after a hard crash took out AMA Supercross star Mike Brown. The 34-year-old former National Champion was running behind Neese when he attempted to crest the track’s biggest jump. According to sources, the engine on his Suzuki seized up, throwing Brown off the motorcycle. The bike flew left as Brown fell an estimated 15-feet before hitting the ground.

"He was awake, but visibly shaken. Brown was taken to Johnson City Medical Center and later released. He had no broken bones, but was bruised and will be required to wear a neck brace for the next several days."