James Marshall Benefit Race - The James Marshall National

October 13, 2006 1:44pm

The James Marshall National will take place at Three Palms Motocross Park in Houston Texas on December 17th,2006. All of the proceeds will be given directly to James and his family that day.  

Already confirmed are a host of Top Riders that will be attending this event. Just to name a few, Josh Grant, Sean Hamblin, Heath Voss, Andrew Short, Ivan Tedesco, Jeff Dement, Sean Hackley,
Matt Lemoine, Ronny Jackson, Shae Bentley, Kevin Windham, Will and Tommy Hahn, Brandon Fulton, Ryan Grantom, Vernon Mckiddie, Clayton Miller, and lots more. We are working on talking to Travis Patrana and Jeremy Mcgrath along with a few others.

We will be auctioning off autographed gear and other items also to help raise more money for the James Marshall foundation. This race will also have amateur classes that will run 20 min. motos and the open pro class will run 30 min. motos. Yes, the racing will be good and this event will be fun, the main focus here is that we have a racer that has been seriously injured and as a family in this sport that we love so much it is time for all of us to come together again and help James and his family.

For more info on this worthy event, contact Duke Reese (409)-299-6134 duke568@hotmail.com