Moose Racing PPO Air Filter

October 9, 2006 1:09pm

Moose Racing offers a race ready air filter right out of the box! Increase airflow and filtration. Spend oil clean-up time out on the track! For a fresh filter when performance is key try Moose Racing’s PPO air filters!

-Same top quality Moose Racing filters now available Precision Pre-Oiled 
-High technology machine pre-oils filters to perfection while leaving no excess 
-With the PPO, there is no excess oil to rob horsepower, and no dry spots endangering your engine
-Oiled with top quality Moose Racing Super Seal Filter Oil that has been abused and recommended in prolonged testing
-Save the hassle and get it done better than you can at home for only a dollar! (Over the cost of regular Moose Racing Air Filters)
-Includes re-sealable filter bag
-Made in the USA
-Retail: $14.95 - $39.95

For more information please visit or your local Parts Unlimited dealer.