Jeremy McGrath Injury Update

October 9, 2006 8:05am
Jeremy McGrath is going to be fine. He is at home resting a broken vertebrae and big toe he got from a hard crash Friday night at the Home Depot Center.
The supercross king crashed out of his own invitational race on the first night, during the timed warm-ups. The Asterisk Medic crew checked him out and he was sore, but stayed and watched the races, commenting from the announcer's tower and the podium stage. He wasn't too happy and was limping around but seemed okay.
By the next evening, fans learned he was in St. Mary’s Hospital in Long Beach with a fractured C7 vertebrae and big toe, and he missed Saturday night's event. He released a statement saying how disappointed he was to miss the second night.
The latest is he was released to recover at home and is under the care of his own physician, Dr. Paul Murphy. He's banged up and feeling it, and he's on orders to take it easy, no driving or anything like that. He is expected to recover 100 percent, and his family and friends are thankful this was only a close call.