Number Cruncher Redux: #72

October 6, 2006 2:36pm | by:

Andy "Boom Boom" Bowyer put Stefan Everts’ famed #72 in the Shift MX Number Cruncher this week. Here is some of your feedback:

Matt Crown from Michigan. He’s wrenching on bike 199 now. I think it was in 1995-‘97?

Dave Korte

Don’t forget that the #72 was worn by the AMA National Dirt Track Champion in 1981: Mike Kidd!
Becky Vargas

Was #72 James Eickel? I can't remember!

Dick Boepple

(Ed. Note: James Eickel was actually #70 in 1998!)

How about Mike Roth? Wasn't he #72 at some point?

Robert Kolling

In regards to this week’s Number Cruncher, I really think that his dad Harry rode with 72 on his Puch, at time during the ’74 and ’75 season, before going to team Suzuki. I do not have the old MXA issues with me to refer to (I’m in the middle of moving, so my older back issues are boxed up right now, to go verify).

Rick Conley. Hollister, CA

(Ed. Note: Mr. Everts wore #70 on a Puch in the mid-1970s Trans-AMA Series.)

Harry Everts

photo: Dick Miller Archives

I believe that Joel Albrecht used #72 when he was an 80 Expert. It also seems that James Eickel was #72 in the early 90's.

Marty Martin
MB1 Suspension

District 3’s own, Thomas Rice earned the #72 for the 1981 season.  It was a huge deal to the locals that he got a National #.  Maybe one of the best sand riders few people ever heard of.

Josh Heintz. Chester Springs, PA

And in our celebratory period of winning the Motocross of Nations, we received a phone call from another patriot by the name of Zach Osborne. He told us, "Hey, I noticed you guys had Everts all over the Number Cruncher. What about my number 72 when I won the world championship?” 

Zach Osborne

photo: Courtesy of Osborne