Pro Racing Cycles Motor Swap Program

October 3, 2006 5:37am

Miami, FL. – October 3, 2006—Pro Racing Cycles (PRC) and TH Racing announce today the PRC-TH Racing Motor Swap Program.  This program is being offered to anyone who owns a PRC brand motorcycle.  For a reasonable fee, paid at the track, any rider at a National race can go to the PRC-TH Racing support trailer and have their existing motor swapped out for one of our team racing motors.  The program is designed to support all PRC customers and to demonstrate the unique ability engineered in the PRC product in which a motor can be completely removed in less then 15 minutes and a new motor installed in less then 20 minutes.  This program also demonstrates our commitment to supporting youth amateur racing and demonstrating that PRC is the best product and company in the market. And in no way will Factory members have a different advantage over the average racer. This again fits with PRC vision on equal treatment of the end consumers, Big or small.PRC is painting a new day in the life of the mini parent."The PRC-TH Racing motor swap program evens the playing field.  It provides the maximum support for our customer base.  If someone is having trouble at the track, they can swap it out for a reasonable fee, with the same motor our factory riders use.  There is no need to spend hours and hours struggling, just bring us your motor and in just a few moments you will have a race-ready motor to be installed in your bike.  We want everyone at the track to have the optimal chance of winning.” – Christopher Myers, Chief Operations Officer of PRC.

About Pro Racing Cycles Pro Racing Cycles (PRC) is a new manufacturer of race-ready youth amateur motorcycles.  In 2006 PRC combined with TH Racing.  This combination makes PRC the best 50cc bike in the industry.  We can say that PRC is the best bike in the industry because PRC has created a team of the best engineering organizations in the world.  Our power plant is engineered by TH Racing with clutch support from Tomar Engineering.  Our front forks are engineered by Marzocchi.  Our rear shock is engineered by Penske Racing Shocks, who has developed undeniably the best rear shock in 50cc racing that is exclusively available on the PRC.  The perimeter frame design has already been demonstrated to be the only option on the “big bikes”.  As a result we can definitively state that we have established a line of products in the youth market that covers all consumers’ needs and is the best available.  For more about PRC, visit or contact us at 1-888-345-8241.