Starting Gate Set For U.S. Open’s Toyota Amateur Arenacross World Finals

September 29, 2006 10:39am

Nation’s top amateurs representing six regions will battle inside the MGM Grand’s at the Rockstar Energy Drink U.S. Open event this October 13-15 in the Toyota Amateur Arenacross World Finals

AURORA, Ill., (Sept. 29, 2006) – Qualifying during the 2005-’06 Toyota AMA Arenacross Series’ this past competition year, the nation’s best amateurs arenacross racers representing six regions, will descend upon Las Vegas in October for the seventh annual running of the Toyota Amateur Arenacross World Finals at the MGM Grand Garden Arena – part of the 2006 Rockstar Energy Drink U.S. Open.

This year 306 of the best amateur boys, girls, men and women amateur arenacross racers have qualified through the Toyota AMA Arenacross Series races for the right to compete at the Toyota Amateur Arenacross World Finals. In addition, 18 of the top Women’s Motocross Association (WMA) racers have been invited to participate at this historic motorcycle racing venue as well.

“Past amateur champions from this event include Thomas Hahn, Jake Weimer and Zack Ames,” said Robert Hansen, director of arenacross. “This is the way to go if you’re looking for a career in Toyota AMA Arenacross or to use the sport of arenacross as a stepping stone to supercross.”

All totaled, three riders from six regions and 17 different classes will make up the field of the Toyota Amateur Arenacross World Finals – part of the festivities surrounding this year’s Rockstar Energy Drink U.S. Open. Those regional champions are:


Dan LeClair, Jr.                          125cc Intermediate

Mark Garvey                              125cc Novice

Derek Rummel                           125cc Schoolboy

Eric Bearor                                250cc Intermediate

Austin Edwards                         250cc Novice

Dawson Evitts                            50cc 4-6

Justin Cooper                            50cc 7-8

Scott Carpenter                         65cc 10-11

Justin Cooper                            65cc 7-9

Frank Lettieri                             85cc 12-15

Scott Carpenter                         85cc 7-11

Frank Lettieri                             85cc Super Mini

Eric Bearor                                Collegeboy

Kurt McMillen                            Over 25

Kurt McMillen                            Over 30

Kurt McMillen                            Over 40

Haley Burke                              Amateur Womens


Teddy Parks                              125cc Intermediate

Trevor Confer                             125cc Novice

Kerry Moore                              125cc Schoolboy

Kerry Moore                              250cc Intermediate

Austin Keller                              250cc Novice

Tanner Snell                              50cc 4-6

Hayden Schultz                         50cc 7-8

Cody Doerfler                             65cc 10-11

Hayden Schultz                         65cc 7-9

Jason Langford                          85cc 12-15

Keenan Davis                            85cc 7-11

Jason Langford                          85cc Super Mini

Teddy Parks                              Collegeboy

Kris Fagala                                Over 25

Kris Fagala                                Over 30

Scott Siers                                Over 40

Sarah Elworthy                          Amateur Womens


Justin Hopson                            125cc Intermediate

Gage Hartman                           125cc Novice

Gage Hartman                           125cc Schoolboy

Justin Hopson                            250cc Intermediate

Nicholas Trace                           250cc Novice

Jacob Chisum                            50cc 4-6

Noah Lindsay                            50cc 7-8

Jake Gilbertson                          65cc 10-11

Clayton Rowe                            65cc 7-9

Lucas Helms                             85cc 12-15

Trenton McMichen                     85cc 7-11

Lucas Helms                             85cc Super Mini

Justin Hopson                            Collegeboy

David Leezer                              Over 25

Matt Campbell                           Over 30                                                

Donald White                             Over 40

Ashleigh Hager                          Amateur Womens


Zack Gurley                               125cc Intermediate

Alex Matteson                           125cc Novice

Brian Foster                              125cc Schoolboy

Zack Gurley                               250cc Intermediate

Alex Matteson                           250cc Novice

Ryan Martin                               50cc 4-6

Kinser Endicott                          50cc7-8

AJ Lauzon                                 65cc 10-11

Max Harris                                65cc 7-9

Gared Steinke                           85cc 12-15

Jake Mohnike                            85cc 7-11

Gared Steinke                           85cc Super Mini

Zack Gurley                               Collegeboy

Steve Thinger                             Over 25

Steve Thinger                             Over 30

Bobby Deason                           Over 40

Robbie Cortez                            Amateur Womens


Nick Claire                                125cc Intermediate

Blake Shiman                            125cc Novice

Randy DiBartolo                         125cc Schoolboy

Nick Claire                                250cc Intermediate

Chris Anderson                          250cc Novice

Chase Sexton                            50cc 4-6

Austin Ryan                              50cc 7-8

Robbie Hyson                            65cc 10-11

Trevor Ferry                               65cc 7-9

Kyle Sandlin                              85cc 12-15

Tyler Elliot                                 85cc 7-11

Donny Ehlenfeldt                        85cc Super Mini

Nick Claire                                Collegeboy

David Hayes                              Over 25

David Hayes                              Over 30

David Hayes                              Over 40

Kaitlyn Dalecky                         Amateur Womens


Josh Lobretto                             125cc Intermediate

Andrew Johnson                        125cc Novice

Danny Lewandowski                   125cc Schoolboy

Josh Lobretto                             250cc Intermediate

Aaron Wegerski                         250cc Novice

Hayden Justice                          50cc 4-6

Stephen Gretchen                      50cc 7-8

Kody Kamm                              65cc 10-11

Mitchell Ostafin                          65cc 7-9

James Justice                           85cc 12-15

Kody Kamm                              85cc 7-11

James Justice                           85cc Super Mini

Josh Lobretto                             Collegeboy

Jay Hershey                              Over 25

Jay Hershey                              Over 30

David Hayes                              Over 40

Elissa Grzincic                          Amateur Womens 

“We’re certainly excited about kicking off the 2006-’07 Toyota AMA Arenacross Series with our Toyota Amateur Arenacross World Finals at the Rockstar Energy Drink U.S. Open in October,” added Hansen. “All these athletes worked their way up to race at this level by qualifying through our amateur programs held during the Toyota AMA Arenacross Series events last year. We wish them the best of luck here in a couple months in Vegas and would like to remind racers interested in qualifying for this national event that they can do so at our amateur Arenacross events which are part of the upcoming 2006-’07 Toyota AMA Arenacross Series.”

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