DMXS Tonight!


We were going to have our special Motocross des Nations show this week, but the boys are still spread out all over the world. I spoke with Decoster who is still in Europe and Villopoto took off to Alaska for a 10-day hunting trip. We will try again next week to round up RC, James, and the crew, but we have some folks lined up that were there to shed some light on the weekend’s festivities and racing.

Toyota has raised the bar with their sponsorship and innovative support for the amateurs to help them take the next step. They have just signed three additional riders to the TMX Motocross team for 2007. This is a very comprehensive program so we will have Scotty LaLonde from Toyota on tonight to help outline their objectives and direction for the team. Also, we will welcome on Kyle Chisholm, Matt Lemoine, and Alisa Nix as the newest inductees to TMX.

There are few riders that have made a larger impact in their first full season as Ryan Villopoto did in 2006. A successful SX season, outdoor title, and a member of the championship MXDN team have this young rider looking back on a storybook season. He should be able to add AMA Rookie of the Year to this year’s list of accomplishments as well. (No wonder he needed a vacation) We will catch up with his father tonight to hear his unique perspective after watching Ryan’s ascent from the amateur traveling circus to the MXdN last weekend.

Bevo is a big hit wherever he goes and Europe is no different. He was surprised that folks over there had actually heard him on DMXS before and I had to tell Bevo that the internet is not just a U.S. thing. It actually works over there, too. He will join us tonight for an MXdN wrap-up and anything else he wants to get off his hairy chest.

Bob Hannah celebrated his 50th birthday this week. The good news is that he made it that far. The bad news is he's even grumpier than before. We love to share some time with our old, really old friend, and will try to sing a collective Happy Birthday to him before he hangs up on us again. Happy Birthday, Hurricane!

Lord Weigandt was all lip before last week’s race, but he is now resting comfortably in a hospital bed after collapsing at the track when realizing that Team USA did in fact win without RC. Jason Weigandt will try to mend the wounds caused by his Uncle’s comments and give us an update on his condition. Hopefully he will be well enough to make the trip to Budds Creek next year so we can show him what a home field advantage is all about.

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