Ride Engineering 2006 Summer Closeout

September 26, 2006 9:25am

Pricing based on a first come, first serve basis. We have 20 complete sets of 2004/2005 Blue Ride Eng. Triple Clamps for YZ250, YZ250F, YZ450F & '05 YZ125s.
Now priced at $274.90 (was $379.90) and we'll even throw in a set of our over-sized rubber-mounted bar mounts that are normally $79.95 for $50.10 to give you a complete package deal for just $325.00 (top, bottom, stem, lower bearing and bar mounts).
You may purchase the clamps online, however, to receive the discounted savings on the bar mounts, you will have to call us at (800) 805 - 1516 to place your order..
Not sure why you would buy a set of Ride Eng. Triple Clamps? Read the points below:
1. Triple clamps are as much a statement about your commitment to the sport of motocross as any performance gain they may add. Like our YZ blue used here-there's no mistaking them for stock! Why buy a black, generic looking set when you can have that “factory no expense spared” look with Ride Eng. triple clamps.

2. All our lower clamps come with a pressed on stem and lower bearing for a quick and easy installation.

3. Ride bar mounts are unique in that they use four pinch bolts instead of two-a design that helps reduce handlebar twist even in the stock triple clamp’s two post design. They are the ultimate choice when switching to over-sized bars. 

4. Ride bar mounts are eccentric and offer + or – 3mm of adjustment forward or backward.

5. For $15, add our 10mm tall bar mount spacers if you want your bars higher than the stock design.

6. Weight savings is 5 to 7 oz on all our clamp sets. Universal, Protaper, & RG3 are the same or even add weight to your bike.

7. Our brilliant anodized colors really accent your bike.

8. All our bar mounts are rubber mounted to reduce hand fatigue.

9. Ride Triple clamps are 100% machined from solid chucks of billet aluminum using the same alloys found on the factory team’s bikes.  Applied, Tag and Universal all use a 7000 series aluminum alloy that is more brittle and breaks if it’s flexed too far. All have had documented failures in the past.

10.100% machined clamps ensure completely round fork bores which enhance suspension performance over stock.

11. Stock clamps are ugly forgings. Universal & Tag are forgings that have been “cleaned up” to look like billet triple clamps hence the lower prices.

12. Having to remove your stem and bearing to install an Applied lower clamp is a pain in the A**! Purchasing the stem and bearing adds $90 to the price.

13. Ride Eng. triple clamps have been tested and proven by top 10 Supercross racers without a failure to date.

14. Ride Eng. stocks Fastway wrap-a-round hand guards and stabilizer mounts for customers that want to add a Scott’s or GPR stabilizer to our triple clamps.