Number Cruncher Redux: #971

September 15, 2006 7:47am | by:

Thanks to our readers for submitting some other notable 971s.

If I'm not mistaken, and I may be, French import Matthieu Lalloz came over and rode for Sobe Suzuki as #971. I cant find any pictures but it sure sounds right to me. I cant remember the year but i think it was 2002 or 2003.
RJ from MD

Matt Lalloz was #970 in 2003

photo: Steve Bruhn


Though it was hard to tell from his jersey numbering Tyla Rattray ran 971 at Millville. See your northern cousins pic:


Tyla Rattray ran #971 throughout practice at Millville

photo: Courtesy of Racer X Canada

Good writing. Another #971 was never a superstar, just a local pro and a friend of mine. He ran it in, I believe, the 2000 season. His name was D.J. Umphries, and he was a local out of the Glen Helen area. I haven't seen him in forever though. He made some night events in SX and got on TV, so that was cool. Take care.
Joel Plitt

I used to have #971 on my CR125 because of Big Bird (I am talking about early 90s). Unfortunately I don't have a pic of myself right now to prove. And no, I was nowhere near pro level...

Osamu Chiba

Hey Andy, you forgot one of the most famous riders of all time, six-time champion, Jeff Stanton, in 1986, riding for Yamaha support. Keep up the good work.

Marcelo Santolalla

Jeff Stanton running #971 in 1986

photo: Courtesy of Marcelo Santolalla