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Mr. Pingree:

I enjoy reading your articles and the candor you display. I want to know, when can we expect to get regular information on a weekly basis about the riders personally. I’m talking about DIRT.  I want a real ‘gossip’ type weekly newsletter that tells me who is driving what, spending ridiculous amounts of money, talking smack on someone, or just basic background info on the guys and their teams. I think it would be awesome to get some more detailed and factual information about the guys that make our sport click. 
Good luck and I look forward to your articles.

Tracy Honea

Dear Tracy,

I’ve thought about that concept. I almost pitched an idea to DC about a monthly gossip column in Racer X Illustrated. Being on the inside of the sport I see and hear things that would be totally and completely entertaining to those who want a Star Magazine type of gossip rag. The motocross industry is a microcosm of the rest of the world and there is just as much drama going on in the Supercross pits as there is on a Hollywood movie set. In the last month I know of riders that have been arrested, racers wives that have cheated, expensive new cars that have been purchased, karaoke songs that have poorly performed (that’s actually Jason Weigandt) and scandalous incidents I can’t even talk about. The problem is that I would burn every bridge in the industry within a half a year. Like I said; it’s a small community. So, I apologize if what you get to read about is a fraction of what really goes down. Some of the stuff, you really don’t want to know. Trust me.


Who’s a bigger asshat… j-law or lil hanny??

Daniel Gonzalez
Simi Valley, CA

Dear Daniel,


photo: Simon Cudby

That’s a tough question. I’m not exactly sure what an “Asshat” is. That might be a new term off of the hard streets of Simi Valley that just hasn’t made it to Temecula yet. But if it’s anything like an assface, I can answer. Jason and Josh are both a little misunderstood. Sure, Josh likes nice cars and Jason likes to punch people in the face but they are just young kids trying to figure things out. Both of these guys had huge amounts of money thrown at them at a very young age and they both moved to California and started living on their own before they were 20 years old. That’s a tough combination. They both have more talent and potential than most riders they line up against but so far, they haven’t channeled that talent and turned it into results…yet. I hope they do because I think they make the motocross races a more interesting place. How boring would it be if everyone was as dry and plain as, well, someone who is really dry and plain? Let’s give these guys a chance to figure things out. If they don’t have their crap together in a couple more years than I’ll join you in tearing them up like hot sauce through an intestinal tract.


With all the talk about steroids in sports, Do you think some of the World Poker Players (it’s a sport according to ESPN ) are using steroids? Some of the players act arrogant, cocky and weigh more than your average person.
Dave D.
Boise, ID

Ping's favorite sport

For the record, I want to say that Poker is not a sport. Any activity that can be done while drinking beer and smoking cigars can not be considered a sport. Sorry Golf, but that means you too. Bass Fishing, you aren’t getting off the hook either. ESPN has their collective head up their rear ends on this one. On the other hand, they wouldn’t put programming on that people didn’t want to watch. That points the finger right back at the American public, doesn’t it? That’s right, I’m talking to you. Have you bought a Texas Hold Em’ playing set in the past two years? Have you actually played online and given a credit card number to play against other gambling addicts on the internet? Do you wear sunglasses when you play poker with your buddies? If so, you are contributing to the problem. Put the chips and cards down and back away from the table. I know that Kenny Rogers tune The Gambler is a hit but don’t let it change your life. That’s like peeing in your pool because you like the song Yellow from Coldplay.

To answer your questions, no they aren’t using steroids. They are sweaty, bloated, beligerent and pimpled from eating too much deli meat and drinking whiskey with every meal. Now, turn the television to motocross on OLN and watch a real sport… when it comes on at random, obscure times throughout the week.


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