Racer X Holeshot Award

September 12, 2006 7:21am

The final AMA Toyota Motocross National of the 2006 season is now in the books, and although the AMA could only crown two series champions, throughout the season Racer X crowned 48 different holeshot winners with a nice $500 check for their efforts in getting to the first turn first. It was the first year Racer X sponsored the holeshot, and it seemed to be a hit with all of the riders, especially Davi Millsaps, who cashed in $3,500 worth of Racer X Holeshot money.

While Team Honda’s Millsaps did pull the most holeshots in the 450 class (he pulled seven and both RC and Stewart pulled six each), he wasn’t the top Racer X Holeshot money earner of the season—that distinction goes to none other than Red Bull KTM’s Mike Alessi, who recorded 10 holeshots throughout the season. Unfortunately, holeshots don’t necessarily translate to moto wins. And if you’re wondering how many holeshots your new 250F National Champion Ryan Villopoto had, the answer is two: Moto 1 at Red Bud and Moto 2 at Thunder Valley.

Mike Alessi grabs the Moto 1 Holeshot over YoT's Andrew McFarlane

Let’s take a look at who got to the line first at Glen Helen. In the 250F class, Mike Alessi snagged his second and third holeshots in four total motos on the 2007 KTM250SX-F. (The first for the bike came back in Moto 1 at Steel City.) Each moto Alessi had almost the same size gap on the second-place rider, which looked to be around three to four bike lengths. The good starts enabled Alessi to put in a valiant last-race effort, but Villopoto was just too fast on Sunday.

Alessi holeshots Moto 2 over Martin Davalos and Tommy Hahn

In the 450 class, the first moto start went to Team Kawasaki’s James Stewart, who edged out Carmichael and Michael Byrne. Stewart went on to battle with Carmichael for the lead, and we’re all aware of what happened to RC. Stewart then went on to moto win.

Stewart edging out Carmichael in Moto 1

In the second moto, Team Honda’s Davi Millsaps notched his seventh and final Racer X holeshot of the season, giving him one more than both Stewart and RC. But check out Kawasaki privateer Kyle Mace (#717), who almost cashed in again. If you remember, Mace already has one holeshot to his credit, which came back in Moto 2 at Thunder Valley.

Millsaps by a wheel over privateer Kyle Mace