2006 Amateur National MX Championships Awards and Acknowledgements

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AMA Motocross Horizon Award:   Josh Hill
       125 A & 125 A/Pro Sport
       Yoncalla, OR

AMA Youth Motocrosser of the Year:  Jessie Nelson
       85 Stock & Mod (7-11)
       Templeton, CA

AMA Vet/Senior Motocrosser of the Year: Jimmy Evans
       Plus 25 & 250/Open A
       Elizabeth, PA

Air Nautiques Moto-Brainiac Scholarship:
Our friends at Air Nautiques appreciate the values and commitment that it takes to be a national contender at this top level of amateur racing.  They also know the value of a solid education, and how that education helps form the foundation for a successful and satisfying life.  To encourage our racers to be ever mindful of the value of their education, they have created the Air Nautiques Moto-Brainiac Award, a $2500 scholarship.  To be eligible, participants submitted an essay on “How Motocross Has Made Me A Better Student”.

Kayli Chapel  Winner
Girls (9-13)
Shepherd, MT

Donald Vawser Honorable Mention
125 A & 4-Stroke
Kimberly, ID

Jerry Robin  Honorable Mention
51cc (7-8)
Big Lake, MN

This year we had 21 Air Nautiques Moto-Brainiacs:   
Name Class
Kayli Chapel Girls
Donald Vawser 125 A
Jerry Robin 51cc  7-8
Natalier Eichner Women
Brad Savage 125 Stock & 250 Novice
Kelsie Bernholtz Womens
Brianna Mahon Women
Thomas Coluzzi 65 stk 10-11
Brandon Mays 85 12-13 stk & mod
Kelci Bassage Girls
Dustin "Tye" Jackson 250/Open C
Jessica Hadler Girls
Erica Roland Girls
Jacob Behringer 65 Mod
Kelci Bassage Girls
Tracy Smith 125c Mod & 250 Open C
Gavin Faith 85 Stock & Mod
Thomas Covington 65  7-9
Riley Barnett 50 7-8 & 65 7-9
Travis Baker 125 B Stock
Jantz Grodzicki 65 7-9

Loretta Lynn A+ Honor Society: 
We are extremely proud to announce that 174 of our national riders were inducted into the 2006 Loretta Lynn A+ Honor Society.  Inductees had to maintain a 3.0 grade point average, evidenced by their report cards. Red “A+” stickers were given to all recipients to display on their number plates throughout national race week. 

TMX Athlete Program: 
2006 was the inaugural year for this unique and successful program brought to us by our friends at Toyota.  The Toyota Motocross Athlete Program (TMX) identifies amateur riders that are excelling in the sport, and supports them on a grass roots level by moving them forward from the amateur ranks to the pro level. This year’s recipient?

Sean Hackley
125 A & 250/Open A
Ovilla, TX

Sean was awarded a new Toyota Tacoma and a factory ride with MotoWorld Factory Yamaha Team. 

Yamaha/Moto Tees Talent Show:
A benchmark during national race week, the Yamaha/Moto Tees Talent Show never fails to entertain and excite.  We’ve seen everything from juggling to saxophone serenades, twirling batons to belly dancing.  On and off the track, our race families are full of talent.

1st: McKenna Oldenburg
Tap-danced into our hearts to an Elvis medley
2nd: Brooke Byam
Belted out a sensational rendition of “Redneck Woman”
3rd: Ryan Sipes, Justin Sipes and Chad Bunch
This entertaining trio truly had the crowd in their hands with their original cut “Long-Haired Kentucky Boy” – a tribute to racing at Loretta Lynn’s.

Racer X Media Hound Award:
Our friends at Racer X have made it easy for our national racers to receive local press and recognition in their home communities by providing a fill-in-the-blank press release that riders could download and take to their local newspapers for publication.  To encourage participation, Racer X gave away an autographed jersey of the pro rider of choice to a lucky winner drawn from the list of participants. To be eligible, riders had to bring their published stories to the event.  The lucky rider?

Patrick DeLowery
65 Stock (7-9), 65 Mod (7-11)
Rochester, MA

P.S.: Patrick has chosen James “Bubba” Stewart

The following (16) riders submitted published articles about their participation at Loretta Lynn’s, making them eligible for the Racer X Media Hound Award:

Tayrn Covington Women 12+
Kaitlyn Dalecky Women
Brandon Moore 50 Shaft
Jennifer Burton Girls 9-13
Dave Myatt 50 4-6
Jordan Hughes 125 C Mod
Patrick DeLowery 65 Stk 7-9  65 Mod 7-11
Jimmy Knisley 85cc 12-13
Noah Parker 51 cc Stock Oil Inj
Brandon Moore 85 12-13 Stk & Mod
Clayton Clary 50  4-6
Chase Sexton 50 4-6
Kayli Chapel Girls 9-13
Justin Coley 85 Mod 14-15  125 Stk 12-15
Craig Mullett 85  7-11
Keenan Webb 50 Shaft 4-6