Number Cruncher Redux: #85

September 1, 2006 7:26am | by:

Thanks to our readers, here are some other famous #85s…

Gary Semics in 1982

photo: Courtesy of Price

In 1982, Gary Semics showed up in France for his debut in the World Championship 500cc GP series.  Semics, Marty Moates and Brad Lackey were the Americans at that race. Gary completed the season, finishing seventh in the world. He did it the hard way with two bikes from Honda of Holland and very little else. At that first race, Gary was staying in a tent at the track and tuning his own bikes, including changing flats. 
Only the top ten riders from the previous season had permanent numbers. Gary was assigned a different number at each race. He wore number 85 in his debut. These photos are from his first race. 
By the way, this is the same year that Brad Lackey became the first American to win a motocross world championship.
Warren Price

Cameron Smith

Yamaha Support Rider and National Champ Cameron Smith has had this number since first winning Loretta's in 1998.

Allen Smith

Chris Young used to be #85 and I think he was one of the first riders to make both main events in supercross on the same night, if not the first. However, he was number #102 at that time I believe it was 1989 at the Seattle Kingdome that Larry Ward won.

Kenny Maddux
Pomona, CA

Jeff Hedden from the land of Oz; I’m sure you remember him, ran national #85 on a Suzuki in 1996. Jeff was quick and regularly qualified for both 125 and 250 supercrosses on the same night. Jeff got as-low-as #72 before climbing back into the triple digits of privateer obscurity. He came out of nowhere to consistently make the night show on the biggest stage. I think he finished 13th overall in ’96.

Ryan Haffner
Hays, KS