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Loretta Lynn's on OLN TV this weekend

There was a big, big celebration for the 25th Anniversary of the Air Nautiques/AMA Amateur Nationals at Loretta Lynn's presented by Amsoil, and now you can see for yourself with exclusive television coverage this weekend on OLN.

The one-hour show  is hosted by Racer X's own Davey Coombs and Jason Weigandt, with FMF's "Little D" Donny Emler hanging out around the facility and in the pits.

The show covers a variety of classes, from 50cc racing all the way to the star-studded Vet classes. This will be your only chance this year to see television coverage of Emig, Walker, Boni, Hill, Hahn, Hackley, Chisolm, Tomac, Barcia and other top riders battling as amateurs. The racing is good, and the behind-the-scenes stuff is pretty cool, too, including Jeremy McGrath, Ryan Nyquist, and even the official announcement of AMA Team USA for the Motocross des Nations.

It's all here and it's all on this weekend and next week on OLN.

OLN TV Broadcast Saturday September 2, - 3:00 PM
Loretta Lynn's Amatuer National Championship (1hour)

OLN TV Broadcast Wednesday September 6, - 3:00 PM

Loretta Lynn's Amatuer National Championship (1hour) (repeat)

OLN TV Broadcast
Thursday September 7, - 4:00 PM
Loretta Lynn's Amatuer National Championship (1hour) (repeat)

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