Number Cruncher Redux: #175

August 25, 2006 1:41pm | by:

Thanks to our readers, here are some other famous #175s…

Bengt Aberg

photo: Courtesy of Stusiak

Bengt Aberg on that HLA Yamaha 500 thumper, Sears Point, 1977.
Michael Stusiak

Marty Moates ran this number when he returned from Europe in the late '70s. Remember he rode factory Ossa in '76 or '77, and when he came back he rode for LOP on Hondas, then Yamahas? I recall seeing him in the Trans-Am support class at Unadilla in '78 on a LOP Honda sporting the 175. I bet Dick Miller has some sweet photos. Keep up the good work!
Josh Heintz. Chester Springs, PA 

Hey, there is a guy from my hometown, Madisonville, KY, whose name is Jason Stills .The guy just amazes me with his speed. If he didn’t quit when he was 18 (he started back up when he was 25), I think he would have turned a lot of heads. He smokes everyone in the plus classes and wins almost every pro class he enters. And his number is 375, like Josh Hill.
A. Dillworth

Tony Boyas, 1986:  #175
Hometown: Brecksville, OH
Jay Boyas

Hello.  I have one for you.  My son and I live in Salem, Oregon, and we have been fortunate enough to watch Josh Hill and his brother Justin ride and race on a regular basis at the local tracks.  Back in June, we were racing at the Richland, WA, rounds of the PAC West nationals.  Of course, Josh won every moto he entered with style both days.  After the races on Saturday, we were all hanging out shooting the breeze and decided to play some Texas Hold ’em.  If you think Josh is good on the track, he also excels at poker.  In fact, he directed the game, keeping up with who bet what, how much was in the pot, and how much you had to ante or call to play.  His brother Justin also played in that game.  During the races, Josh is always trackside when Justin is racing, and vice versa, as is the rest of the family.  My son and others who look up to him have seen how a great racer and great kid, as well as his family, should act, no matter what the situation is on or off the track.  We have been lucky to watch a local guy hit the big time.  Congratulations, Josh!  Not the most exciting story, but how many people can say they played poker with Josh Hill
Ron and Trey Meek. Salem, Oregon

Maybe you could ask around the "office" about the photo of Brian Myerscough in the #175 Cruncher feature.  Is it just me, or is that Dave Osterman ( "Oz" ) in the background when he worked for Yamaha? The guy in the upper left with the afro-hairdoo.
Paul Swinney

Kevin Hall Jr.

photo: Courtesy of Torgerson

I apologize for not having a picture of when he was #175 in SX/MX, but this is a little something about a kid from Colorado who died doing what he loved. I will just paste an article and a couple pics. The pic shows #75, which he ran while racing in CO, but for supercross and the outdoor nationals he raced, he was AMA #175 in 2001.
Andy Torgerson
August 5, 2003

Godspeed Kevin Hall Jr.

The following release was taken from

As many of you may have already heard, Kevin Hall Jr. was seriously injured on Sunday August 3, 2003 at a local SRAC event in Colorado Springs. There are many stories going around as to what happened. Here is the truth. Kevin was leading the final Open Pro race of the day when he crashed. Aaron Hill was a few bike lengths behind Kevin and recalls the event vividly. Kevin hit a braking bump going into a turn after a fast downhill straight away. Kevin endoed and went over the bars. His head was the first part of him to hit the ground. This is not the fault of track conditions or other obstructions in Kev's way. This was purely a racing accident that has left all that knew Kevin changed forever.

Kevin was air lifted to Memorial hospital in Colorado Springs. He suffered from severe brain trauma, and nothing else. The swelling could not be alleviated by any of the doctors methods. Many friends, family members and fellow racers came to show their support. After hours of fighting and praying, everyone's worst nightmare had become a reality. Kevin had endured enough damage that he had reached a state of no return. Around 1:35 Tuesday morning Kevin Hall Jr. peacefully passed with his loved ones by his side. The Hall family and Kev's girlfriend, Kristine, would like to thank all of you for your kind words and prayers. At this time we would like to ask that if you would like to contact the Hall family, please go through, or contact Derek Balmer, Aaron Hill or Les Torgerson.

There are a few things that Aaron and myself would like to make known to you all. Kevin Hall Jr. was a great friend and competitor to all that had the pleasure of knowing him. Going fast on two wheels was his passion in life. We all take a risk every time we put a leg over a bike (or roll out of bed for that matter), and we are all going to leave this world at one time or another. Please do not let this sudden loss make you doubt your involvement with the sport we all love. Kevin went out winning a race, competing against all of his friends. We ask that you all honor Kev by continuing to show up to the gate on Sunday and giving it everything you've got!

We love you Kevin and you will always be in our thoughts and our hearts.

My favorite #175 pro motocrosser: Derald Atkins of Croswell, MI. Derald was definitely one of the most professional racers to ever compete in motocross. Although he never achieved a factory ride, Derald has since surpassed all of his former competitors in every other aspect of life. A great guy and a winner at everything he does.
Randy Dale. Franklin, TN