Cobra Getting Ready To Debut its Highly Anticipated CX65cc Mini Cycle

August 25, 2006 11:21am

Here’s a sneak peek at the bike everybody’s expecting to take the 65cc class by storm in 2007

HILLSDALE, Mich., (Aug. 25, 2006) – News today out of Cobra’s Michigan headquarters is big: The highly anticipated Cobra CX65cc bike is set to hit the competition scene by storm in February of 2007. And, for the first time, Cobra is providing an artist’s rendition of the bike that is sure to be an instant podium competitor in its class.

Without getting to technically in-depth (yet), the CX65 is designed to advance the heritage of America’s most successful competition mini cycle line. With more than 100 National MX championships – including sweeping Loretta’s again this year – Cobra’s name is synonymous with success and the CX65 will no doubt carry on that legacy in the USA-based company’s first move to the larger mini cycle class.

“With the move of Cobra from Ohio to Michigan, the launch of the ECX70 ATV cycle in 2005 and the ECX50 in ’06, along with keeping our Cobra-backed athletes at National competitions across the country happy, we’ve had a busy year to say the least at Cobra,” said Cobra President Sean Hilbert. “That said, we never shelved the CX65 project, instead painstakingly working on it through evening hours and weekends to make sure the bike received all of the R & D time it deserved.

“And the result, we feel, will be a competition mini cycle that extends the success of our 50cc bikes into the 65cc class.”

Notable features on the new CX65 include:

All new oval tube twin spar chassis Championship-winning engine platform, which is already stacking up National ATV GNCC & motocross titles All new bodywork and ergonomics. “We’ve taken our time and consulted with experts from all areas of the motorsports community in designing a bike that will leave the Cobra dealer’s showroom floor and instantly give the rider legitimate shot at the podium – just like our King 50 does,” added Hilbert. “This American-made bike is going to make a direct impact on the 65cc class in 2007.”

Stay tuned to for more information on the months to come regarding the exciting new Cobra CX65.