2007 KTM Two Stroke Intro

August 25, 2006 10:24am

The 2007 KTM125SX

Close your eyes and imagine the sound of a nice, crispy two-stroke barking out of a deep, loamy corner. Okay, you can’t actually read this with your eyes closed, so maybe that was a bad exercise. But isn’t it a beautiful sound? Well, it’s a sound we just don’t get to hear that often anymore. KTM is one of few manufacturers that still care about this breed of motorcycle, and for 2007 they are introducing a completely redesigned lineup.

The KTM 125 SX has a long list of changes, including a completely new cylinder and cylinder head that is smaller and lighter. The cylinder and head is actually the size of the old 80cc engine! The water-pump impeller is new for better flow, the frame is all new, the swingarm is new, the suspension is new, the CDI box is new and features two preprogrammed curves, and the body work is all new. The Austrian company focused on bringing down the weight and improving the performance of this bike, and they have hit their mark. The bike weighs in at under 200 pounds, and the motor absolutely screams.

The big brother of the 125 is the all-new 144 SX. This model is identical to the 125 except for the engine. Created specifically to meet the new displacement changes in AMA amateur racing, the differences between the 125 and this machine include the cylinder, head, piston, 56mm bore, control flap, crankshaft (longer stroke), centrifugal power valve, exhaust pipe, and CDI unit. What does all this mean? It means that this bike handles and feels like a 125 but with much more torque and horsepower.

The all-new 2007 KTM250SX
The 250 is also completely new. The frame, swingarm, and bodywork are all new, as is the engine. The 250 gets a new CDI box, a redesigned cylinder and head, a new flywheel for more inertia and better traction and power delivery, and a new V-Force reed case and new carburetor for better throttle response. Weight was also a major focus on this bike. The 2007 KTM 250 SX has a ridiculous dry weight of 204 pounds.

On the track, the new KTMs are a blast. The light feeling of the KTM 125 and 250 make them a completely different experience than riding a four-stroke motorcycle. The power is snappy and the bikes accelerate quickly as the rpms rise. Throwing either of these bikes into a rut is simple due to their light feeling. The new suspension and chassis are a marked improvement over any previous KTM model I’ve ever ridden, and I rode the factory bikes in 2002! The quality of the controls and details in these bikes is industry-leading. The Renthal bars and grips, Magura clutch, and Brembo brakes are the best offering from any manufacturer. These are, without question, the best two-stroke motorcycles that KTM has ever introduced.

Thor's Victor Sheldon loved the 125

Thor’s Victor Sheldon joined me in riding the new bikes, and he came away with a smile on his face as well.

“It’s been a really long time since I’ve ridden a 125,” said Victor after a quick moto on the tiddler. “I loved being able to throw it around in the air and just feeling like I could make it do whatever I wanted to. I really have missed that feeling. The 250 was a handful. The motor is so quick and it's so light that it was kind of hard for me to get used to. I mean, it feels like a 125 because it’s so light, but then the motor hits really hard and it catches you by surprise. I think if I spent a little more time on it I would get comfortable, but it was a lot of bike for me. I love the way the bikes look, too. The new plastics are really cool and the hubs and finishing pieces on these bikes are great. I had a blast today.”

For more information on the entire 2007 KTM lineup, visit www.ktmusa.com or see your local KTM dealer.


The 250SX has a dry weight of 204 pounds