DMXS Tonight!

August 23, 2006 1:44pm | by:

Team MotoWorld’s David Vuillemin has had a few top-five rides this year including a very impressive second overall two weeks ago at Millville. DV and Paul Lindsey put together a deal for the popular French rider just before the outdoor season started and the team has held their own against the factory rigs so far. DV is a regular on some of the MX forum boards and maintains his own site at, as well. We always enjoy having Le Cobra on since he speaks his mind and will roost you on or off the track. With the speculation of DV skipping back across the pond and the dubious voice message left by the French MXdN manager informing him that his services would not be required, we have a lot to talk about tonight.

Steve Whitelock could not be more a conductor of controversy if he had a lightning rod sticking out of his bum. The likeable AMA SX/MX Series Manager deals with anything and everything at the track each week since the buck actually does stop with him. From team managers in one ear, to track officials in the other, he finds a balance from race to race. We will hear his perspective on the possible last breath of the two-stroke, and the Team USA he helped assemble. (Disclaimer: Steve has to be on the show every few weeks or we will protest him again.)

Josh "King of the" Hill was impressive at Loretta’s this year but really showed his speed and tenacity with an incredible podium at his second-ever Pro National last weekend. Josh is very quick outdoors, but would you believe he loves SX more? Josh grew up with a SX track in his backyard and was busting triples back when he rode 80s, so look for him to make an immediate impact in the Lites class next year in SX. We will catch up with the humble Factory Yamaha rider tonight for a quick meet-n-greet with a plate of hors d’oeuvres, which will include some baby corn, various smoked cheeses, and tiny hotdogs.

The Women's MX Foundation’s Annual MotoBowl is scheduled for September 7th, 2006 in Anaheim, CA. This awesome group of women has joined together to support the racing community and this is their primary fundraiser. We will have the lovely Sharon Richards from the foundation on this evening to discuss this cool event and explain how you can sign up to bowl with the top stars of our sport. In the meantime, you can go directly to for information and remember to help spread the word!

Steve Flanders from The Simpsons has done an awesome job this year with the MotoXDream Fantasy MX Series. He will break down the season so far and points battle with only two races remaining. DMXS’s own TerryK from Canada is poised to walk away with the Grand Prize, but anything can happen. If you missed out this summer, make sure you check out in a future series.

Jason Weigandt took the news about Lance Bass quite hard and decided to skip the last few shows. With a little help from some friends, and Scotch tape to put those ripped-up posters back together, Jason is doing just fine and will get back in the game tonight. We missed you, bud.

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