Racer X Virtual Trainer Website Released

August 22, 2006 9:11am

Morgantown, WV - Racer X Illustrated, creators of racerxill.com, racerxcanada.com, theracingpaper.com, blogant.com, roadracerx.com, and racerxfilms.com, is proud to announce the release of their newest website, www.racerxvt.com.

Racer X’s Virtual Trainer will be the MX community’s go-to site for the latest and greatest information on fitness and training.  The site was developed with the weekend warrior in mind and will contain biweekly feature articles from top professionals in the industry, a searchable database of past articles, interviews from pro riders and top trainers, unbiased product reviews, an expert panel of professionals to answer training questions, and a cool stuff section where readers can share their own workouts, post their favorite music playlist and submit cool pictures.  Virtual Trainer will be your one stop information zone for all things related to MX fitness.  So check it out now at www.racerxvt.com!