Blackfoot Racing Announcement at Walton

August 22, 2006 5:59am | by:

Following Dusty Klatt's championship winning ride at Walton yesterday,  Blackfoot Racing issued a press release and made the announcement under the Honda tent. Just moments after the CMRC MX1 podium presentations, where Klatt collected his #1 plate and JSR and Morgan picked up their trophies for finishing second and third in the series, the media gathered in the Blackfoot tent as the riders, Klatt, Roy, Morgan and Nelson sat on their winning bikes. Blackfoot team manager Dean Thompson read the following release aloud: 


Team Honda Canada Blackfoot Fox Racing

August 20, 2006

Historically the TransCan here in Walton, Ontario has always marked the conclusion of the CMRC Canadian Nationals. This year it also likely marks the final outdoor race for Blackfoot Racing in Canada.

Over the past 7 years, Blackfoot Racing has enjoyed many great moments in Canadian motocross history.

There have been many noteworthy accomplishments over this time, such as winning 47 of the last 51 MX1 overalls as well as winning 6 MX1 and 5 MX2 championships for a total of 11 Canadian National titles, plus numerous runner-up positions in both classes. But today, with Dusty Klatt, Jean-Sebastien Roy and Blair Morgan finishing 1-2-3 overall respectively in the 2006 CMRC MX1 class, this is by far the most noteworthy accomplishment. We have always taken pride in bringing Canadian riders to the highest possible level not only in Canada but on a world stage as well.

We would like to, at this time, thank everyone that has made this journey possible. First we would like to thank Honda Canada for their unparalleled support and a special thanks to Don Zaharia, Warren Milner, Kimberly Moore and Sal Masara. Over the years we had terrific support from Parts Canada and now Fox Racing with our clothing support. A big thank you to Dennis James, Anita Markert and Chris Onstott at Fox Racing for their help to make all this possible. Jeff Pinehardt from PR2 Racing, Donnie Elmer Sr and Jr at FMF Racing, Jordan with VP Fuels, Ron at Hinson, Rod at Praxair, everyone at Michelin, Westjet, Renthal, Wiseco, Factory Effex, Lightspeed, Derek and Pierre at Oakley, UFO, Works Connection, DID, Twin Air, Braking, Haan Wheels and Lincoln Electric. Without support from these fine sponsors this would not have been possible.

Thanks also to Wil DeClerq and Marc Travers at MX Performance, Brett Dailey, Jason Griffiths and Allison Kennedy and their crew at Racer X Canada and everyone at IMX for doing such a great job promoting Canadian motocross to the masses. And what can we say about Marc Travers and Brian Koster who have brought their animated world reknowned delivery of Canadian motocross to literally all ends of the earth.

Success is not accomplished without a 110% team effort. We would like to thank all of our crew including: Dean Thompson, team manager, Joe Skidd, racing director, Andrew McLean, lead technician, Peter Keeping, mechanic, Jon Balducci, mechanic, Anthony Turner, mechanic, Kelly Zawryucha, transportation coordinator and Derek Sorkilmo, tech assistant.

Winning is not achievable without national calibre riders.  Without a doubt, Jean-Sebastien Roy, Dusty Klatt, Blair Morgan, Jimmy Nelson and Mitch Cooke have proven to everyone that they are the top racers in Canada today and we would like to thank them for their efforts and congratulate them on all their achievements to date. We would also like to wish them the best in their future endeavours.

The series has progressed every year thanks to Mark Stallybrass and the rest of the CMRC crew including Brett Lee and all others.

Last but not least, a big thank you to all the fans that have loyally cheered us on throughout the years! You have made all the effort worthwhile!

We hope you enjoyed the ride as much as we have.

A joint press release from Blackfoot Racing and Honda Canada will follow shortly.

Thank you,
Owners of Blackfoot Racing Inc.