Teams for the 2006 Motocross of Nations

August 21, 2006 9:23am
It's already being tipped as the biggest race ever, but on September 23/24 the best riders in the world will return to the shores of England and take their places in the biggest event of the 2006 season. No one single race attracted the type of riders who are going to race the Motocross of Nations. Leading the way are the two legends, Stefan Everts and Ricky Carmichael. Both 10 time motocross champions on their own side of the Atlantic ocean. Chasing them this year will be James Stewart and Ben Townley, two of the young lions looking to take over when these two retire. Also included in the field are teenagers Christophe Pourcel, Ryan Villopoto, and Tommy Searle.
Call it what you will, GP versus AMA Nationals, whatever the case it's going to be fireworks. Here are some of the leading teams for the event.
Team USA
Ricky Carmichael
James Stewart
Ryan Villopoto
Team Belgium
Stefan Everts
Steve Ramon
Kevin Strijbos
Team Great Britain
Billy Mackenzie
Tommy Searle
Carl Nunn
James Noble (one rider to be excluded)
Team New Zealand
Josh Coppins
Ben Townley
Cody Cooper
Team Australia
Brett Metcalfe
Daniel Reardon
Cheyne Boyd
Team France
Christophe Pourcel
Sebastien Pourcel
Yves Demaria
Team South Africa
Tyla Rattray
Gareth Swanepoel
Wyatt Avis
Team Italy
Antonio Cairoli
David Philippaerts
Team Netherlands
Marc de Reuver
Georges Strik
Bas Verhoeven
Team Spain
Javier Vico Garcia
Jonathan Barragan