Mike Jones Injured

August 7, 2006 9:22am | by:

We got this note from reader Allen Lamacz regarding Mad Mike Jones:

"Mike was involved in a really bad crash during a jump show in Canada. He was hitting a 80' gap off of a ramp jump and his foot accidently hit the shifter and kicked the bike down to first gear off the face of the ramp before he left the ramp. Needless to say he came up about 10 feet short and crashed very bad. He severely broke his leg in several places and just had surgery on his leg. He has fixators holding his leg together. He also severely broke his jaw in many places, as well. They had to do three surgeries on his jaw, actually removing half of it and rebuilding it with pins and plates. He currently has gone through all his surgeries and is stable. His jaw is wired shut right now and he has the fixators all throughout his leg. He will be all right, but obviously is going through a lot right now. Anyway that is the long and short of it. He is in Presby Hospital in Pittsburgh."