Rollon Throttle Announces Its Team For Loretta Lynn’s

July 26, 2006 7:32am

Rollon Throttle is pleased to announce its supported riders for Loretta Lynn’s 2006 Air Nautique Amateur National Motocross Championship. Rollon’s exclusive Lightning and Unipro throttles, designed to effectively increase response and control will be used in their quest for ultimate performance and the coveted number one plate.  

Kevin Walker…Yamaha, Vet 30+ and Vet 35+
Bradley Graham…Kawasaki Team Green, 125A and 250/OpenA
Ricky Renner…Kawasaki Team Green, 125A Pro Sport and 250/Open A Pro Sport
Branden Miller…KTM, 125A Pro Sport
Rick Wright…Honda, Senior 45+
Justin Sipes…Suzuki, 125A and 250/OpenA
Chris Osborne….Honda, 250/Open A Pro Sport
Bryan Shiflet…Suzuki, 250/Open C


6417 Old Greenville Highway

Liberty, South Carolina, 29657, USA