Chris Smith Competes in the FIM World Enduro aboard a Christini All Wheel Drive Bike

July 26, 2006 12:29pm

After a six-year absence from professional competition, the six-time ISDE gold medallist Chris Smith competed this past weekend in the FIM World Enduro Championship held in Hancock, NY. Smith rode the E1 class aboard a Honda CRF 250X equipped with Christini AWD technology, and placed in the top ten during Saturday’s event. 

The weather conditions on Saturday were grueling.  A hard rain left the course extremely challenging, with many of the world’s best riders struggling to negotiate the long, rocky hills and deep mud.  “The bike was incredible.  The conditions were extremely challenging.  I never would have been able to finish without the help of the 2 wheel drive system” (Smith). 

The last extreme test of Saturday’s event was held in a small quarry surrounded by a crowd of spectators. A slight miscalculation on a large slate step-up left Smith stalled on the edge of the wall.  With his rear wheel teetering uselessly off of the ledge, an exhausted Smith managed to restart the bike, dumping the clutch. As the rear wheel began to spin freely, the All Wheel Drive System took over and the front wheel pulled Smith effortlessly onto the ledge.  The stunned crowd went wild.

Christini is a pioneer in the development of AWD motorcycle technology. The Christini AWD is an entirely mechanical system that acts similar to the positraction on a car.  Only when the rear wheel loses traction does the front wheel engage.  The AWD drive feature can be activated with the simple flip of a switch.  The system adds just 15 lbs to the machine and power loss has been recorded at less than .05 percent.  Christini Technologies is currently accepting deposits on complete frame kits to convert your stock Honda CRF 250X to all wheel drive. Kits will be available this Fall.  Honda CRF 450X frame kits are expected to be available early 2007. Development for other brands has begun but a release date has not been set.
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