Prumm Tops the Podium at Thunder Valley MX

July 25, 2006 12:12pm

(July 24, 2006) Bend, OR: The third round of the 2006 Hitachi AMA/WMA National Motocross Championship presented by Kawasaki, delivered another exciting day of WMA racing. The event held this past Saturday at Thunder Valley MX National, Lakewood, CO, saw Kawasaki racer, Katherine Prumm back on top of the podium.

Moto One: Honda Red Rider, Jessye Davis, pulled the Sick Racing holeshot on the uphill start. The race at the front of the pack was tight. Honda mounted Mariana Balbi took the lead from Davis, then Richardson’s RV’s Tarah Gieger from Balbi when Balbi’s front wheel washed out in a corner. Soon the fight for first was between Gieger and Honda of Houston/Moto XXX rider Jessica Patterson. Close behind were Prumm, VFM Suzuki rider Leah Cantrell, Yamaha/ rider Alisa Nix, and Kawasaki’s Tania Satchwell. Quickly Gieger and Patterson came in contact with each other in a corner. Patterson went down and Gieger lost some time. Prumm took advantage and pulled away with a comfortable lead. Geiger held off Nix until the last two laps and Patterson had worked her way back to 7th. Satchwell passed Cantrell for 4th.

With no AMA Pro Racing Qualifier’s needing to be held at the Thunder Valley National, WMA Pro Racing was the exclusive racing of the day. The second moto followed the first, only 45 minutes later.
Moto Two: Gieger got the Sick Racing holeshot. Shortly thereafter Cantrell took over the lead, but Patterson was charging and determined to take the win. She now had the lead and ran away with the race. Cantrell maintained second for several laps with Nix, Balbi, Prumm and Gieger in tow. Prumm steadily moved up and took over 2nd, Gieger finished third and Nix finished fourth. Prumm’s 1-2 finish earned her the overall, Gieger got 2nd with 3-3 and Nix 3rd with 2-4.  Davis crashed on the second lap injury her foot and keeping her from finishing the moto and Satchwell had a problem with her front brakes locking up taking her out of the moto as well.

Top 10 Results:
1. Katherine T. Prumm (Kaw)
2. Tarah Gieger (Yam) 
3. Alisa M. Nix (Yam)
4. Jessica R. Patterson (Hon)
5. Leah E. Cantrell (Suz) 
6. Mariana Balbi (Hon)
7. Sherri Cruse (Yam)
8. Ashley Boham (Hon)
9. Elizabeth Bash (Kaw)
10. Vanessa Florentino (Hon)

Top 10 Points Standings:
1. Katherine T. Prumm 126 
2. Jessica R. Patterson 122 
3. Alisa M. Nix 112 
4. Mariana Balbi 97 
5. Leah E. Cantrell 95 
6. Jessye Davis 80 
7. Tarah Gieger 76 
8. Sherri Cruse 66 
9. Sarah Whitmore 65 
10. Ashley Boham 55 

The Hitachi/WMA Highlights will be included in the AMA Motocross show for Thunder Valley airing on OLN, Saturday, July 29th at 6:00pm EST.

WMA is sponsored by: Hitachi, Kawasaki, Sick Racing, Z1R Helmets, Honda, Scott USA, VP Fuels, Dunlop Tires, Alpinestars, Thor, Northgate Auto and Pro Clean.

Next round is Saturday, July 29 at Washougal MX, Washougal, WA
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