Evel & Robbie Knievel to Pay Tribute to Monster Energy’s Ryan Capes

July 25, 2006 6:14am

The greatest motorcycle jumper ever – Evel Knievel – celebrates 
his legacy with Monster Energy’s Ryan Capes this weekend at Knievel Days in Butte, Mont.

CARLSBAD, Calif., (July 24, 2006) – Monster Energy’s Ryan Capes
couldn’t have received a better compliment than when the sport of 
long distance motorcycle jumping’s founding father – Evel Knievel – invited him to join his son Robbie Knievel as the exclusive distance jumpers at this weekend’s (July 27-29) Knievel Days celebration in Butte, Mont.

Capes, who’s hands down the undisputed champ of long distance 
jumping – his championship belt that nobody can touch being a mind-
blowing 310-foot leap last fall – will attempt a world record ramp-
to-ramp jump right smack dab in the middle of Butte on Main Street 
(Harrison Ave.) on Saturday (July 29th).

“This is a tribute to Evel more than anything,” said Capes. “In a time where all the other guys are jumping ramp-to-dirt I’m going to nut up and stomp a world record ramp-to-ramp jump right in front of Evel in his hometown of Butte, Montana!”

Capes will have to navigate his Pro Circuit-tuned Honda CR 250 
through the air to the tune of (at least) 254 feet in order to break 
the old world record held by Jason Rennie at 253 feet. According to 
Capes, the furthest he’s jumped ramp-to-ramp is 210 feet several 
weeks ago at a secret location in San Diego.

“It won’t take anything more, really,” said Capes, who also 
holds the world record for a ramp-to-ramp jump with a trick thrown in
between – a record he set earlier this summer in Ohio. “All it took was the right payday and Evel and Monster came through for me.”