Billetware USA Announces New Director of Marketing

July 22, 2006 7:05pm

Billetware USA of San Diego, CA is proud to announce inking Robert Castorina of Badseed Productions as their new director of marketing. Billetware, a leading mini bike manufacturer and the designer behind the patent pending Cradle Mount Frame, is looking to launch to the forefront of the mini bike industry. "As a producer at Badseed Productions I have seen first hand how durable the product is. My goal is to get proactive in the mini community and solidify Billetware as one of the top mini bike
manufacturers. I'm excited to be a part of a company with such a quality product," Castorina said.

John Rogo, Billetware's president and CEO is stoked about bringing in the Badseed producer to collaborate. "After seeing what Robert did with Badseed it was a no brainer. We are very excited to have him aboard."

Look for Billetware to attend all of the big west coast race series with a newly formed race team. There will also be new products added to the extensive Billetware line available for XR/CRF 50's, 70's and KLX/DRZ110's. There will also be a limited edition Badseed/Billetware product line for 2006.

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