Loretta Lynn's Photo Update from Tony Scavo and Danya Plontz

July 21, 2006 1:00pm

Tony Scavo Photography, Lemoyne, Ohio
Tony Scavo and Danya Plontz are teaming up to once again bring their unique photography offerings to the masses in Hurricane Mills, TN. "I plan on shooting all 99 motos and holeshots this year.", says Tony.
Tony has 22 years photography experience taking him into Loretta's with Danya backing him up with extensive photography, marketing and graphic design savvy to make the team complete, Photo prints can be done onsite ranging in size from 4" x 5" all the way up to 42" x 63" inch life size prints. Custom graphics can be applied to all photos; including the ever popular Racer-X Covers featuring you; front and center. New this year are skateboard decks featuring the riders' photo and customized graphics in 2 versions - Loretta Lynn's Limited Edition & OEM Swoop.
Stop by the "RACE PHOTOS - TonyScavo.com" orange and white EZ-Up all week to see all the photos conveniently separated into 33 thumbnail folder books for quick and easy viewing.
All images will be available for Industry, Teams & Sponsors as well.
Tony & Danya wish to extend good luck to all of this years participants and their families.