Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg Officially Announces his Withdrawal from Summer X Games

July 20, 2006 7:44pm

July 19, 2006 (Newport Beach, CA) - Following his latest post-surgery check-up, Jeremy has learned that although his bones are healing well, the risk of long term disability is what he would be facing if he decided to compete at Summer X Games in Los Angeles, a mere two weeks from now.
Although very disappointed about the news, Jeremy had a realistic view of his chances before this check-up.  “I knew the odds were stacked against me for sure, but I wasn’t giving up hope until it wasn’t a possibility anymore” Said Twitch.  “I have a great group of top Doctors working on me like Rick Bahr, Keith Feder, Carol Frey and Dr. Gamboa from WMI, and they know how to get athletes back quicker and safer than anyone.  These bones just can’t heal up good enough quick enough, and I’m not taking any stupid risks that could give me problems for the rest of my career.”
Jeremy’s plans for the rest of the season now rest in the healing speed of his right talus bone, and his left tibia.  “Jeremy is upset that he is going to miss more competitions, but really what he complains about the most is just not being able to ride” said Rich Swisher of The Sports Syndicate.  “Jeremy has always been all about riding whether there is a comp to do or not, and when a guy with passion like that and raw talent like he has finally gets to get back on the bike, their riding usually goes to a whole new level.  Whatever event he makes his come-back at, his competitors better be ready!”
Jeremy will be doing rehabilitation with Richard Wright of “Wright Physical Therapy” throughout his recovery, and will be keeping his fans updated on his blog on a weekly basis.  His recovery will also be documented on a special episode of MTV’s “True Life” show, and on a documentary DVD being produced by Studio 411.