Racer X Holeshot Award

July 18, 2006 7:08am

The Toyota AMA Motocross Series went back to its roots last weekend with a return to Unadilla Valley Sports Center. Once again, Racer X handed out four $500 bonuses based on who crossed the holeshot line first in each of the four national motos. In the 450 class, it was the same man both times out: Team Honda's Davi Millsaps, never known for his good starts, reeled off a pair of perfect starts, leading his 39 competitors around the 90-degree right-hander and then leading the first lap of each moto. This marked the second year in a row that Millsaps has pulled at least one holeshot at the New Berlin, New York, track.


450 Moto 1


"In the first moto last year here I got the holeshot, so I thought this would be a good chance for a holeshot obviously," the Team Honda factory pilot said. "I lined up next to Carmichael and Windham in the first moto and got the jump and just got to the first turn first. In the second moto, I don’t know. Honestly, I just pinned it and came out first!"


When asked why this particular start is good one for him, Millsaps replied, "It’s downhill, it’s not groomed, and it’s not disked up. It’s an equal chance for everyone. I think I'm as big as anyone out there on 450s except for this small guy right here in the middle [Carmichael. I just felt good on the starts."


450 Moto 2


Millsaps did his best to hold that small guy off, but RC ended up passing Millsaps in both motos at the exact same spot, each time on the second lap. "I was just riding my own race," Millsaps said of the brief battles. "I didn’t know who it was until he jumped over me and missed the next corner. That’s when I knew it was him. He passed on the next lap in the same section. He passed me in the same spot. I guess I’m slow there!" Millsaps held on for third overall behind Carmichael and SoBe/No Fear/Samsung/Factory Connection Honda rider Kevin Windham.


250F Moto 1


Red Bull KTM's Mike Alessi hit the first turn running in the opening 250F moto and led every inch of the way. The series points leader put on a masterful display of looking ahead, too, as he stopped title rival Ryan Villopoto's charge as soon as the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki rider got behind him. "I just didn't want to get hit by any rocks!" Alessi said on the podium after taking the moto win (and the $500 Racer X holeshot bonus) over Villopoto and Team Honda's Josh Grant.


250F Moto 2


But Alessi didn't have the luxury of avoiding rocks in the second moto, as he got pinched off on the start and was stuck right around 12th. The leader this time was SoBe/No Fear/Samsung/Factory Connection Honda rider Josh Grant. Alessi would have to work his way up to seventh, and in the process he missed a fierce four-man battle that entertained the fans and had them running across the infield so as not to miss any of the numerous passes up front. In the end, Villopoto was able to come through to take the win and the points lead away from #800.