Your Collection

July 17, 2006 11:59am

This week's collection comes to us from Jon McLean:

"Here's my '73 KTM/Penton 250 Harescrambler. This model was KTM's first year production of a 250cc model with motor, frame and most all components made by KTM. As R&D and US marketing/distribution was done by John Penton's Penton Import Company,  KTM's USA imports were marketed under the Penton brand. This model resulted in the first-ever Supercross moto win by KTM way back when at the Houston Astrodome in the summer of '74 by Penton/KTMs only factory-sponsored MX racer at the time, Buck Murphy out of Longview, WA. KTM also turned heads with this new 250 when Russian Guennady Moiseev won the 1974 European World GP on one in 1974. This bike's original owner told me he raced the Ascot (SoCal) night motocross events on it in '73 & '74. I restored it for vintage mx, but since KTM built these with lighting coils and optional enduro kits, I sourced all the goodies, put all the gear on it, rode down to my local DMV, got it street licensed, and then took and passed my MC endorsement test on it. Try that with a modern dirt bike!"

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