David Bailey Update

July 14, 2006 7:39am

Hi Everyone. First let me say that the motocross community is an amazing, caring community. Donations for David have been received from all across the world, and it really has been a good start to getting David back on a healthy path.

I have two things to update you all on as of this morning. First, we have modified the Full Circle Foundation's website ( www.fullcirclefoundation.com ) to include a specific link to donate for David. Understandably, people wanted to make sure that their money was going directly for the benefit of David, and the original "Clinic Program" link led to some confusion. Rest assured that all money collected through that link is also designated for David's recovery. As of last night, we have added a "Support David Bailey" link on both the front page and the donation page to make the donating process less complicated. If you haven't yet donated but are considering, I ask that you visit the site and donate today. It is greatly needed.

Second, a quick update on David. David visited a special medical clinic on Wednesday, and while more surgery is inevitable, we feel that he is at the beginning of treatment that gives him the very best chance for maximum recovery. Thank you to all who have opened their hearts and wallets to make the fundraising efforts for David start off in a very positive direction.

With great appreciation,

Mark Edwards