Unadilla Weather Update

July 13, 2006 2:12pm | by:

Two weeks ago the northeast was ravaged with storms, and since we’ve been getting flooded (no pun intended) with calls and emails from readers concerned about the status of Unadilla Valley Sports Center for this weekend's 6th round of the Toyota AMA Motocross Nationals. We talked to Jill Robinson from Unadilla today to get an update:

Don't worry, this will not affect you this weekend

“All the roads and everything have been operational for two weeks,” says Jill. “The problem with I-88 is past where people will be getting off anyway, and it’s going to be Thanksgiving before they have that one back together. It doesn’t affect our crowd because it’s not a road they should be on anyway.
“At present we have about 600 of our amateurs in, our water system goes on tonight, and it’s running about 80 degrees here right now and the sun is out," she adds. "The forecast for the weekend looks to be hot.”
So there you have it. Everything is going on as scheduled. For more information, check out www.unadillamx.com.