HATEUS From Badseed Productions Arriving August 2006

July 5, 2006 12:35pm

Badseed Productions, the producers of FAD have started final editing of their newest masterpiece entitled "HATEUS"

They have been featured in numerous television spots, mtv europe, latv's Dialed on, Fueltv's M80, have recieved international recognition and have been travelling with the ifmxf in europe on tour and have been invited back next year. FAD has raised the bar in fifty riding, and HATEUS, has progressed the sport even further. The new DVD will contain badseed rider jake Ness' record breaking distance backflip, Travis Hart's history
making concrete fullpipe loop, and first ever ramp to dirt double backflip. We also have unbelievable skatpark footage featuring burnside skatepark, and many of the huge parks in the pacific northwest, as well as Drew Petrie's racing. The team hits trails all over california, as well as germany, france, austria, italy,and more.
HATEUS is the most highly anticipated minibike video ever made...Pitbike riders, and big bike riders will be amazed at the skill level these guys put out.
To see the trailer you can go to www.badseedproductions.com or www.myspace.com/hateusdvd.

Inside one of the 10,000 HATEUS dvds there will be a ticket for  a brand new crf50 with Billetware cradle frame and extended swingarm, new Sano forks, I shock, minigunz/hondatrailbikes built 108 stroker motor, Badseed/pimped50s team Graphics, Fast50s' dress up kit, an much more!

HATEUS will be out sometime in august 2006. get your copy soon.

Badseed would like to thank the following sponsors;
www.hydrodinamicsusa.com, www.minigunz.com, www.billetware.com, www.tbparts.com, www.fast50s.com, www.sanomx.com, and www.badseedproductions.com