Korupt Kittens Signs Jenna Jameson

June 22, 2006 2:07pm

Phoenix, Arizona based Korupt Klothing has broken another milestone with their patented Antenna Stripper dolls. Korupt Kittens has signed a three year deal with adult film star Jenna Jameson to do an exact replica of Jenna Jameson herself. Well almost exact. For an antenna doll that is. That's right you will now see Jenna Jameson hanging from peoples vehicle antennas and ATV whips. Keep in mind these little numbers work on ATV whips with a little modification to the hand and foot. "The Korupt Kitten dolls are doing fantastic with Tucker Rocky" stated Paul Gruber, vice president of Korupt Kittens. "Tucker Rocky has sold thousands since they picked the dolls up last year." We are also getting major recognition from outside the motorcycle industry." "We have car, truck, and adult magazines talking about the dolls. We are also hearing about radio stations talking about the dolls in major cities around the country." "We are pushing this to be comparable to the pet rock, and now add Jenna Jameson to the mix and the possibilities are even greater," stated Gruber. According to Gruber, Korupt is still selling clothing to Tucker Rocky but the clothing has taken a back seat to the dolls. Gruber also stated to anyone trying to start a clothing line- "Don't! "Trust me, its not what its cracked up to be." If you are interested in picking up the Korupt Kittens dolls or Korupt Klothing casual wear they can be found at any dealership going through Tucker Rocky or you can log on to www.koruptkittens.com If Jenna Jameson suits your fancy, she will be available in three weeks and can be ordered through www.antennatrendz.com. Or even better, if none of the strippers impress you and your just a good wholesome family guy with kids, Korupt even has an antenna doll for you, which can be found at www.antennafriendz.com. These are all companies that were formed by the creative minds at Korupt Klothing.  Rumor also has it, Korupt Kittens is pursuing the possibilities of doing the Pussy Cat Dolls as antenna dolls.