Motocross des Nations Circuit News

June 21, 2006 2:15pm

While there were improvements to be made to the Matterley Basin circuit in England (the site of the 2006 Motocross des Nations), there is no doubt it's American-style all the way and will make for great racing once the biggest event in the world motocross arrives in September. At times a little dry and at times lacking good racing lines, the possibilites for this circuit are huge, and when the Motocross des Nations comes around in September, this could rank as one of the best circuits for viewing. With huge numbers arriving for the British Grand Prix last weekend, you can be sure that the MXdN will attract a huge crowd.
Josh Coppins, who will look forward to racing Ricky Carmichael, Ben Townley, James Stewart, and Stefan Everts in September, felt the circuit was good but in need of some slight changes.

"I think the track is good enough for the des Nations," Coppins said. "It's not as good as Isle of Wight or Matchams Park, but I heard they started on the track last week. For that, it's great."

Stefan Everts’ track knowledge will prove invaluable when he returns to Matterley Basin. This will be a historic moment for the sport, with Everts and Carmichael competing for the final time at this level. Everts has admitted that the circuit will suit the American riders, although he can't wait to see the likes of RC and Stewart in action.

Reflecting on last weekend’s MXGP and looking ahead to the MX des Nations with increased anticipation and excitement, Martin Mainsbridge, the promoter of the British GP and MXdN explained: "The British GP has been a big success without doubt, but that isn’t to say that we have not learned valuable lessons from running our first event at this brand-new venue. From the feedback we have already received, it is clear that the vast majority of people have had a great weekend and really enjoyed what Matterley Basin has to offer in terms of space and unequalled track viewing, although we are not going to deny that we did not encounter a few teething problems. The great news is that it is all systems go for the MX des Nations, which will be bigger and better in every aspect and will benefit incredibly from what has been identified over the last week.

“While the basic layout of the track will remain unchanged, it will be added to, to make it both more technical and more spectacular. We are also reviewing the camping areas and car parking in order that the whole public experience can be improved upon. This time it was about delivering the basics, and with them now in place, we can work on increasing the entertainment away from the track and giving everyone even better value for money in September. Youthstream were more than happy with our initial efforts and really believe that this year’s MX des Nations is going to be one of the best ever.”