Kyle Partridge Update

June 21, 2006 7:49am

Kyle Partridge

photo: Simon Cudby

I talked to Kyle on Monday after he got released and again today, he seemed to be doing very well. He sounded normal and we joked and laughed like we always do. He said that where he crashed was very slippery since it had been watered while he was on the gate, other than that he don't remember much about the crash! He had a collapsed lung so they kept him over night for observation. Jim Lewis (Team manager) stayed behind with Kyle and they rented a car and drove home since Kyle is not allowed to fly for a week or so. Kyle said he will be doing some light work outs (swimming, stationary, and lower body) beginning on Wednesday, and he should be back to riding next Wednesday or Thursday! He will more than likely miss Red Bud and be back for Unadilla! He also said he has checked out the internet while at his hotel on the way home in Tennessee and wanted me to post a very greatful and huge thank you for all the prayers and well wishes, he appreciates everyone of them tremendously! Also he would like to thank Jim Lewis, Michael Holigan his mechanic DC and the entire BooKoo team and staff for being there for him. The team has been tremendous through everything and Kyle is looking forward to getting back to the races. He has been working very hard since becoming a member of BooKoo Honda and moving to Texas and wants to reward the team with good results for helping him help achieve his goal this season and next!

Thank you all for the support and being there for Kyle, you all have no idea how much it all means to Kyle and our family!!

Jason Partridge