DMXS Tonight

June 21, 2006 12:45pm

"Travis Pastrana comes across as the human incarnation of a puppy dog-friendly, enthusiastic, and prone to rolling over repeatedly." That was the summation of an automobile reporter after interviewing Travis about his Rally career. We all remember the 113 mph, nine barrel roll sequence in the Nitro 3 DVD that seemed to never end. Travis simply proclaimed, "That was a hell of a ride." That quote could easily be the title of his autobiography or written on his gravestone as Travis seems to make the most out of every day. Somehow, there are still fans that feel Travis owes them or the sport something and take the chance to point out his every stumble. But they simply don’t get it. Travis is having fun on his own terms and we should all be as lucky. Subaru has signed him to a multi-year contract to race a WRX STI and we will talk about his series so far this year and what else he has on his plate for the summer.

Broc "Primecut" Hepler would rather forget about the first half of this year all together. Broc suffered a nasty little fracture that refused to heal quickly. After sitting out the SX season and the first several rounds of the outdoors, Broc put out his own kind of press release with a second overall last weekend. He put his competitors on notice and anyone else that forgot his name that he was back. With a rumored new contract in the works and the rest of the season to race, we have a lot to discuss with our East coast neighbor.

Bevo never bought into the initial craze like RJ, RC, MC and the infinite list of riders that are known now mostly by two letters. Maybe he thought that BF was a hard sell, or it was too close to B.F.D and he knew his friends like Larry Maiers and Hannah would run that into the ground. Either way, we are just glad the Scott goggle front man is still around the pits for us to enjoy. Bevo has been around a long time..... I mean a really long time, and it’s always a pleasure to get his perspective on the sport. We love um, and so will you.

WWR welcomes on Jake Marsack and his manager Darrell Saldana from SoCal Racing on this evening. Also, we have a special guest from Toyota on tonight. James Kern will be on to give us an update on the Toyota Zone and the Toyota Athlete program. Toyota has really stepped up this year as a sponsor and those programs show their commitment to the sport.

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