Monday Conversation: Father's Day Special with Big Rick Carmichael

June 19, 2006 1:00pm

With Budds Creek running on Father’s Day, we decided to see what RC’s father, Big Rick Carmichael, thought after another successful day at the nationals.  We like to talk to the winner of the premier MX class each week, but we think we can catch up with RC pretty soon anyway. He got a break this time and Dad took over the hot seat:

Rick Carmichael
Racer X: So, how was your Father’s Day Big Rick?
Rick Carmichael: Good. Couldn't have gone any better. It could have been a little warmer for me [laughs].

Where did you watch the racing?
I watched the first moto down by Bevo’s rig, and the second moto from up in the tower.

Do you get nervous watching these things?
No. A little bit on the starts, but after they get around the first corner, I get a little more relaxed. The starts are where everybody is ganged up and they're going fast. After that, I'm good to go.

Do you go and talk to Ricky and give a pep talk before the motos, or do you leave the team alone?
No, I did it in amateur days. He's a grown man, and he has a whole team to talk to him. He knows what his job is, anyhow. He's done it long enough.

So at this point, there isn’t a lot to worry about this season. You're way good on points.
Hey, it’s not over until its over. There are eight more races, 50 points each. That’s 400 points to still be made or lost.

Do you get bored watching the motos?
I like boring races when we're a mile ahead. I like them. Those are good to me.

Nice Father's Day: Big Rick (yellow hat) enjoys watching the races outside with friends while all the team business goes on around him
Are you secretly pulling for Chad just a little, maybe to push Ricky even more?
No [laughs]!

What did you think of the goat story from over at the Stewart’s Thursday? [Note: Stewart was at home Thursday morning in Florida when two goats belonging to the neighbor just walked up to the house.]
That’s funny! There's a good sense of humor between us and them.
Do you think James opened his door and saw a goat standing there and looked around, thinking, Okay, who's the wise guy?
I didn’t even think of that [laughs]. I don’t know if he has goats at his house. We have two at our house. They're the best pets in the world. I didn’t think about somebody pulling a prank on him. That was good. I enjoyed that story.

What about that nickname? Are you guys okay with it?
Yeah, it doesn’t bother anyone. The GOAT. I think it’s pretty neat.

Ricky isn’t a guy that talks a lot of smack. Do you think once in a while he should get the Muhammad Ali thing going on and talk some serious smack?
No, not really. I would rather him speak softly and carry a big stick.

Let’s end it with that. Thanks for doing a Father’s Day Monday Conversation.
I enjoyed it!