The Gaerne Bronze Boot Is Back

June 15, 2006 6:45am

Since 1998, the Gaerne Bronze Boot Award has been recognized as the most prestigious award at the Canadian Amateur Nationals.

Many past winners have successfully moved on to become some of Canada’s top factory riders, like Facciotti, Medaglia, Beaton, Thompson, Sheren and others. Who will take the award this year?

New for 2006, the Gaerne Bronze Boot will be awarded to the rider that earns the most points during the week in either the Junior, Intermediate, or 85/Supermini classes. This is the first year that a definitive winner will be chosen based on points earned.

There will be one Gaerne Bronze Boot awarded at each of the CMRC Amateur Nationals.  The WCAN finals are on July 1st in Raymond, Alberta, and the TRANSCAN finals are on August 20th in Walton, Ontario.

Gaerne boots are distributed exclusively in Canada by Sixsixone Racing Canada. For more information, call (604) 278-5775.