Darryl Atkins And Aprilia Supermoto Race Reports

June 14, 2006 7:35am

Well after the Team took a long drive to Wisconsin we were hoping to make up some points to get us closer to the top of the Championship standings. This is how it all went.

Road America R2 AMA Supermoto - Unlimited

Training - 3rd

1st session Time Training - 4th

2nd session Time Training - 4th

Final - 6th

Overall Championship standings - 3rd

Comments: The day started really well for us, I was right in there for a good chance of my first podium for the year when we ran into some fuel injection problems in the second time Training. We tried to resolve the issue but found we had gone in the wrong direction, this made it really hard to ride in the final and I only managed to finish 6th. With that result we moved into 3rd in the championship as we headed to Shawano for round 3.


Shawano R3 AMA Supermoto - Unlimited

During the week we had the chance to test some parts to try and set up the bike better for my style of riding, however we started to run into some bike issues which really led to an extremely disappointing weekend for us. As you will see with the photo's attached we have created the most attention in the pits with our professional set up and the exposure we have offered our sponsors, this really created a lot of interest from spectators, media and other teams. It was in the end a great disappointment for us not to race due to mechanical issues, the issues we had run into were totally unexpected and the Team was unable to resolve them for the day.?
These Motorcycles are 2007 model bikes, the 1st of their kind in the USA.? As a result, part of my job is to help identify possible issues and provide feedback to Aprilia USA and Aprilia Italy. ?This feedback will go a long way to providing higher quality street and race motorcycles.

Overall Championship standings - 8th?

Next Event - June 17th Miller Raceway, R4 AMA Supermoto series, Salt lake city, UT.

Very Special Thanks to: Aprilia USA and Pacifico, along with Team sponsors Abandon wines, Blue Lizard, Good Night sleep centers, Parts Unlimited, BOZ Bros, Race Tech, Dunlop, Thor, Alpinestars, Scott, Acerbis, ZLT, STM slipper clutches, East coast wheels, x-biking, Beringer brakes, Suzuka tire warmers, Mechanix wear, Torco oils, K&N Filters, Works Connection, Highway 12, Ogio, Asterisk, Renthal, Regina Chains, West Coast Supermoto schools, discount wheel warehouse, CRA customs, Vitamin water, Sensible foods.