All New and Worse Than Ever!

The daily knews and ignorant views of Blogandt live on with the redesigned blog at . Technical problems with the old site have rendered it too maintenence heavy for the author, who has become even lazier since he hasn't posted a blog entry in two weeks.

So, change your bookmarks. is now the place to be.

A note from the author, Jason Weigandt: "After two weeks away from the blog, I looked at myself and realized I liked writing about myself way too much to quit. Especially if I figure out an easier way to write about myself, which means I can write more about myself and use up less of my time doing it. This gives me more time to myself! Myself Myself Myself."

Blogandt is the daily (sometimes) motocross-themed blog from Jason Weigandt, who holds various foo foo postions within the industry.